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Published on: March 3, 2015

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The power of social media is clearly here to stay. Used properly, it can be a very effective tool to increase brand recognition for franchise businesses.

By Amy Cheng

Fourteen characters — “#AlexfromTarget” — generated more buzz than any advertising created by the big box retailer itself going into the 2014 holiday shopping season.  The ALS Association earned unprecedented awareness last year and more than $115 million in donations from the Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

These examples prove tweets, posts and blogs are powerful tools and marketing today depends on engaging customers in a two-way conversation through social media. Although amazing results can be accomplished through social media, the chatter can cause more harm than good if a brand does not properly control its message.  Franchise systems encounter an additional layer of risk and opportunity, so a clear online strategy is critical to retaining ultimate ownership of the brand and message by the franchisor while also harnessing the power of its franchisee network to encourage awareness, brand participation and ultimately sales. To effectively accomplish these dual goals of brand control and network engagement, a franchisor’s social media strategy should include policies that the franchisor’s employees, franchisees and their employees must follow.  Read the Article
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